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"A masterclass in writing, acting and directing..."

British Theatre Guide on Hamlet-Horatio's Tale, written and directed by Nick Hennegan, with the voice of Sir Derek Jacobi. Edinburgh 2018.

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As always, finance is a problem. Last year's productions will make money next Spring.  But we need to find nearly £60k! (We know!  It's massive!)  Can you help?

Rehearsals for the Edinburgh Festival version of Nick Hennegan's P.A.L.S. 

Rehearsals for Nick Hennegan's Edinburgh Fringe hit, theFootball-themed Romeo and Juliet.


Ed Morris, Carolyn  Smith and Paul Magson in the original Birmingham production of Nick Hennegan's P.A.L.S. 

Higher tax earners can offset donations against tax.  Become one of our team from £2!

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Can you help us?

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