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British Theatre Guide on Hamlet-Horatio's Tale, written and directed by Nick Hennegan, with Sir Derek Jacobi and Kizzy Dunn. Edinburgh 2018.

At The Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 we were the only company at the worlds biggest open Arts Festival to have TWO productions in Rep!  And with the same actor in both, the lovely, talented Kizzy Dunn! And, of course, in  Hamlet-Horatio's Tale, the voice of Sir Derek Jacobi as Old Hamlet.

Kizzy Dunn in Hamlet - Horatio's Tale

Well, we're doing it again! This time with FOUR actors (and a special mystery star's voice!) with Nick Hennegan's Birmingham comedy-drama, P.A.L.S. - the story of four friends growing up in Brum - and a Birmingham City v Aston Villa Romeo and Juliet.  (Rehearsal pic below.)

You can meet the cast and hear some of the music, below.

As always, dosh is the problem though. Last year's shows will make money next Spring.  But we need to get these two up to the festival before that happens. We need to find nearly £30k! (We know!  It's massive!) But can you help?

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